23. Shehnaz II

Meetings and Events

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Hotel Clarks Shiraz, Agra

Hotel Clarks Shiraz, Agra offers a range of versatile and beautifully appointed venues for your events. From the grand Shehnaz Hall with its panoramic views to the intimate Arjumand and Boardroom, each space is equipped with modern amenities and impeccable service to make your gatherings truly memorable. Whether it's a wedding, conference, meeting or private get-together, our venues are the perfect backdrop for your special moments.

Shehnaz Hall

Elegance meets grandeur in the newly renovated Shehnaz Hall, spanning over 5000 sq. ft. With a picturesque view of lush lawns and serene water bodies, it's the perfect canvas for major events, be it weddings or conferences. This hall boasts state-of-the-art interiors, tailored menus and exquisite decor, all paired with impeccable service. Inside, a cosy ambience ensures your meetings are productive and memorable.

3. Shehnaz Hall
25.1 Akbar Hall

Akbar Hall

At the lobby level, Akbar Hall offers versatility with its generous 2940 sq. ft. space. It's the go-to choice for flawlessly executed meetings, events, weddings or intimate get-togethers. Whatever your occasion, this hall provides the canvas for your vision.

Mariyam Hall

The Mariyam Hall, a smaller venue with four pillars, is located at the lobby level. It's the ideal choice for intimate gatherings and can be combined with our other meeting spaces. With 2184 sq. ft. of space, it offers privacy without compromising on elegance.

27. Mariyam Hall
28. Arjumand


Situated on the Mezzanine floor, the 'Arjumand' room is perfect for board meetings of up to 35 people. It's equipped with modern amenities like a built-in LED TV and LCD Projector/Screen, creating a comfortable and cosy atmosphere for productive discussions.


Another gem on the Mezzanine floor, the 'Boardroom' is designed for intimate gatherings of up to 12 people. It features a built-in LED TV and sophisticated lighting control with remote capabilities, ensuring a seamless and productive environment for your meetings.

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